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"can i see the pics in your phone?"



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Hello, my name is Mary and I’ve been on this website for quite a while now. I’ve talked to some pretty amazing people, I’ve made friends, I’ve laughed and I’ve had a great time in general. Taking all this into consideration I decided to show my love for all the amazing blogs I follow by making my first follow forever (aka this one lmao). Some of you may not even know me but I enjoy seeing you on my dash so I had to include you. I follow many people and they all are amazing, but these are my faves. (If you think I forgot to include you or if we’re friends and i forgot to bold you please don’t hesitate to message me). Idk what else to say so here’s the list xx :

(people in bold are my absolute faves.)

adorauhl, anmnesias, allthatmattes, allthatmattters, archivistsrock, aslavetotherhythm, aubreygraharn, augustuswatesayebieber, ayewhatsthesituation, baerauhlballsofbieber, bealrightts, beliebrs, beliezzle, beyonoce, biebersofficial, biebzzswag, blaming-nolan, brotherbieber, bubblybiebers, bwjustin
canadaprince, canadastratford, caramelfringe, caylinrussochanelcelayas, chasingbieber, chirsbrowns, cieber, clitt, daddymaterial, ddrews, diariesbieber, dieinyousarms, djtayjamess, downtuearth, drewbieb
feliciathegoats, fetusrauhl, firstmarch, fuckliam, gangstapayne, gay4zayn, hairsflip, hayyr, honestbieber, honorbiebs, holdingontights, holydrews, horanyewest, icantbelieb, idiotsofsummeridontrecalls, ihearmelodies, illfuckingbeathefuckoutofyou, itsjustinsbieber, itwas1994
jesuschrists, jusitinsbiebersjustinbieber, justinbiebersvagina,  justinfuckenbieber, justinscrew, justnszjuvstin, juzstinbieber, jzstinbieber, kaynewests, khhalil, kidraaul, kokizzle, lianpayne, liferuinedbyjustinbieber, likeserenitys, literallyrad, loyauhl

makeubelieves, manrauhl, march1st, michcolclifford, moaningwithstyles, morningsuns, mybieberwonderland, neonexposure, niyellhoran, ofzane, ohlordbieber, onestime, outoftoswngirl, outslawthekiss, owwbieber
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taakeyou, takeawaysthepain, thatswhattheythought, therauhls, thugzmansions, turnerbae, tylrerposey, twentyjustin, twerkforjustins, undercoverbelieber, ujstin, wedidntlastnow, whathefuckluke, wingstosfly, woopstyles, wrekingball, yellowranicoat, yesdrew, yezir, zarry, zaynscum, zaynsmalik, zendayza, zeymar, ziamharder, zustin, zvynmaliks, 2000thot, -whenusmile

p.s. sorry for the crappy edit

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justinbieber: Ireland ♛

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But can you imagine being Justin’s best friend? Like, maybe he’ll wake you up early in the morning just to take selfies and he’ll kiss your cheek bc “you look so cute when you wake up angry” or he’ll make you breakfast and you’ll be terrified bc it’ll be his first time cooking for you, but it actually turns out really good. Maybe Justin would take you out of town for a little road trip and during the trip, you guys tell dirty jokes and you tease him a little by sliding your hand up and down his thigh. Once you guy reach your destination, Justin would chase you in order to get you back for “turning him on in the car” and then when the road trip comes to an end and Justin’s driving you guys back home, he’ll wrap a blanket around you even though you’ll mumble that “you’re not sleepy”, he’ll just give you a small kiss on your neck and tell you to get some sleep while his hand rests on your thigh and wow I’m really sad now ok

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So…Benzino got his girlfriend’s body tattooed on him and she won’t even sign a prenup for this nigga smh excuse me while I laugh




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horoscope: you breathe on a daily basis
me: omg that is so me how did they do that
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I have two moods 

One is highly sophisticated intellectual who goes into complex thoughts and is always moody and deep

the other is an immature 5 year old that doesn’t know how to control herself or her language or her actions

there is no inbetween

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